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Flirting can be difficult in itself, but flirting with someone via our app with nude photos and hot videos that disappear after a few seconds can be downright naughty. Once synonymous with sexting, Snapchat has become a pillar of our arsenal of applications, dominating its reputation as a tool used to send salacious snapshots.

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Snapchat and sexting has always been a thing and always will be. We will match you with girls who love to sext on snapchat. We call this Snapfuck.

Should i screenshot on Snapchat?

We never suggest screenshotting any model or girl on snapchat. This can upset the user and it would do you if returned. It's easy to screenshot sexts but try not too.

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We always find snapchat sexting fun and that's why were dedicated to finding local girls on snapchat ready to share their private pictures. Use our website to sext in confidence.


Here are the best 6 tricks to finding horny snapchat girls


Try to look Good.

Sorry to sound obvious - but most guys on this website didn't get the memo. If you're going to use snapchat to sext then you better send those selfies in good light!


Don't Overuse Filters.

Try to keep using filters a special occasian or otherwise most girls will think you're trying too hard. You might be able to pull off a sublte filter but never use a monotone one.

When starting new stories or conversations on snapchat remember everyone has seem the same old boring filters!


Be Funny and yourself.

The number one thing working in your favor is Snapchat's random nature and its members.

Use this feature to your advantage. Find girls on snapchat ready to sext tonight.



Don't over brag yourself

The last thing you want is to spam someone or look like you have no life...

If the girl doesn't respond, leave it for a day before sending another message...remember it's all about the snapchat game and you have to play it cool at all times...


Don't Snap and Drink

It might seem like a good idea to snap whilst your drunk, but you will wake up in the morning and wish you never had snapchat.

After drinking you don't look as good as when you first started. REMEMBER that..

Embarrassing snap chat sexts will be a lot more embarrassing if the receiver on ther other end is sober. You could be left wanting to use snapchat sexting


Remember to use Twitter...

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